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Hello and welcome to our website. We take and hope that you will take an enjoy your visit here, along with the different recipes and so much more. You will take and find some easy and simple recipes for the entire family all which are quick and simple to make. As long as for your pet family members. You will take and find some simple video recipes as well. If you take and have a recipe that you would like to take and share here on the site, you can take and use the Recipe Submission Form to send it to us and it will be added to the website for everyone to take and view, and try out with there family and or pets. If there is something that you would like to take and see added on the website, feel free to take and contact us so we can take and see about adding it. All of the recipes on the website, anyone can take and make. All recipes are geared from the beginner cook on up. You can take and find recipes for ALL kinds of things such as. Some of the things you will be able to find are appetizer recipes, air fryer recipes, main dish recipes, beverage and iced tea recipes kid friendly recipes, soups and chili recipes. And also pet friendly recipes, and a whole lot more. If you take and run across any broken links please take and use the link from the top menu, to take and send us the page of the broken link, by filling out the form for "Broken Link". Also don't forget to take and share the page with your friends. Browse from all kinds of simple and easy recipe ideas.

Also come and check out the different video's and other information for your feathered friends and family members as well. Shop our "Bird Store" for all of your birds needs from food,toys, play stands and a lot more. Don't take and forget to check out the different bird related video's we have picked for your feathered friends of several different topics. You can take and find all of the links from the bottom of any page or the top menu bar here on the website. If there is a video that you would take and like to take and share with other visitors to the site, please take and use our Contact Form to contact us to let us know and we will be happy to take and add it for you at NO cost to take and share videos And Recipes with everyone here on the website. And find that quick and simple recipe for supper here tonight. Along with great recipes for soups and chili recipe's here for them cold days and night OR anytime of the year.

Don't take and forget to check out our bird store and find all kinds of bird toys for your parrots along with a lot more such as bird cages, food and treats. Also feel free to check out the different bird videos. Along with the bird chat room.